Our kids are growing up in a culture that promises them fulfillment in a dizzying number of ways. There are so many opportunities and so many dangers that confront our kids every day. Some may look pretty good to you: school, sports, music lessons. Others, like the latest dangerous thrill-seeking fad, may keep you up at night.

So what are you to do? Sign your kids up for every activity and hope something sticks? Anxiously guard them from the dangers outside your door? How can a parent make the right choice? How do you raise effective kids in a defective world?

As a pastor and father of four, Chip Ingram delivers a much more positive solution. Without shying away from tough topics like discipline and teen rebellion, Chip offers thought-provoking principles and specific exercises to help you understand how to develop your childs full potential. This hands on approach to parenting gives special hope to blended families and those in crisis. You'll learn how you can draw closer to your kids even as the world tries to pull you apart. You'll also learn proven methods to teach your kids critical values like responsibility and perseverance that will help them rise above the norm.  Along the way, you''ll discover biblical principles and practical advice that can help you raise kids who stand out from the crowd.


Lesson Topics include:

  1. How to raise positive kids in a negative world.

  2. Building relationships that bond.

  3. How to develop your child’s full potential.

  4. God’s process for teaching obedience.

  5. How to discipline your child effectively.

  6. Punishment versus discipline.

  7. Words that discipline.

  8. Five smooth stones for parenting.

  9. When all else fails.


For more information contact the church office at 254-773-3744

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