Hurricane Relief

Phase 1

Temple First will be assembling Crisis Care Kits (CCK) to give to victims of Hurricane Harvey to help with the relief efforts. Our plan is to utilize our regular Wednesday night service time to work on this project. (Wednesday August 30th). We are purchasing supplies in bulk so that it will be easier to purchase and assemble CCK's.

How you can help:

1. Share a post on your Facebook page to help get the word out. Tag friends and family that might be interested.

2. Purchase some of the supplies on the list pictured below. Please note that these items must be NEW in unopened packages. We cannot accept used items. These items would need to be dropped off at the church tomorrow between 8:30 am - 2:30 pm or brought at 6:30 pm.

3. Donate money - Each CCK costs approximately $10. (It may be cheaper if we can get bulk purchases) you can give online Please mark your donation for "Hurricane Harvey Relief". (Any donations not used for CCK's will only be used for Hurricane Relief Efforts)

4. Attend our packing party at Temple First Church of the Nazarene Wednesday August 30th at 6:30 pm.

We realize that this is short notice but these supplies are needed immediately. so any assistance you can give will be greatly appreciated. At this point these are the only supplies that we are accepting for this effort.

Phase 2

We are packing up 3 pallets of supplies to assist churches and homes in cleanup.  These pallets will contain a wide variety of tools and cleaning supplies to get the ball rolling.

Due to timing, we will not be able to set up a donation station for these items.  We will be purchasing and loading on a trailer in the next day.  If you do want to help with the cost, please feel free to donate at the church or you can donate online HERE  

UPDATE- We are so happy to serve a God who is alive and caring for His people in their time of need.  This idea began at around 7pm Wednesday night.  In less than an hour we had a plan - build Crisis Care Pallets (CCP).  We committed to putting together 3 of these pallets in 24 hours.  Little did we know what God had planned.  Thursday morning began by shopping for supplies for the 3 pallets. After lunch we started packing the trailer.  Pastor Darin's brother Trevor from Florida arrived to help (he is in town for their parent's 50th anniversary).   Trevor quickly realized this was something his church back in Florida could would want to get behind.  Trevor pastors the Redland Church of the Nazarene.  Within a short time, not only had Redland Church joined in, but the South Florida Nazarene District jumped in to help.  By 5pm we were headed back to the stores for more supplies.

This morning at 6am, our truck and trailer left with 8 Crisis Care Pallets!!!!!!!!   The total raised to cover this in less than 24 hours was over $8,000.00

And we are not done yet.

If you know others who want to know what goes into a Crisis Care Pallet, please share the list below with them.  We are not wanting to be the only ones sharing this plan to help.

Crisis Care Pallet Content List:

2 pks Work Gloves
4 boxes Rubber Gloves
3 Shovels
Small Generator
Pump Sprayer
Dust masks 1 box
Hand Sanitizer
First aid kit
2 Gas cans
100 Heavy duty trash bags
Wide shovel
3 Mops
10 Buckets
5 bucket lids
Shop vac
4 - 25' extension cords
Bag of rags
9 gal bleach
4 box fans
Heavy Duty blower fan
4 hammers
3 pry bars
Circular Saw
4 scrub brushes
1 hand saw
10 spray bottles
2 Push Brooms
2 Deck brushes
2 - 50' water hose
Duct tape
3 Trash Cans
Pressure Washer

Phase 3

Time to volunteer.  If you have been wanting to get out there and help, here is an opportunity.   Saturday September 9 we are headed to Houston Living Word Church for a ONE DAY relief trip.  Work will be done in the neighborhood surrounding the church.  We will leave the church at 5am and return that same day.  If you want to volunteer for this opportunity, please sign up in the foyer at church or  click here to email Pastor Darin.

Phase 4

Youth car wash will be held Sunday afternoon, September 10.  100% of the proceeds will be sent to hurricane relief.  Drop by and get your car washed.

Phase 5

Trip to Florida to deliver supplies to ground zero after hurricane Irma.  Truck to be driven with supplies from the South Texas District.  Driver and co-driver needed.  Departs September 11 and will return September 14..

Phase 6

We are on our way to Houston again to join others to help clean up.  Saturday October 7th.  We will gather to travel to Clear Lake Church of the Nazarene for a clean up day.  All are invited to join in as we help our neighbors.  For more information see Pastor Darin.

READ ABOUT OUR EFFORTS!!  Nazarene Compassionate Ministries mentions our efforts on page 33 of this publication!  
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